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( b. Jul 15,1606 Leiden,Netherlands - d. Sep 4,1669 Amsterdam,Netherlands )
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Self portrait in cap and dark cloak: (1620) Ref:White+Boon 006,, 67.00x62.00(mm)
Self portrait in a slant fur cap: bust; full face. (1620) Ref:White+Boon 014,, 62.00x58.00(mm)
Snub-nosed man in cap: bust. (1620 ) Ref:White+Boon 317,etching , 48.00x38.00(mm)
Man in cap bound around his chin. (1620) Ref:White+Boon 323,Etching, 54.00x38.00(mm)
The Circumcision; priest circumcising Christ Child in interior, surrounded by figures (1626 ) Ref:White+Boon S398,Etching, 214.00x165.00(mm)
Beheading of John the Baptist; in grotto; (1627 ) Ref:White+Boon 093,Etching, signed with burin, 158.00x124.00(mm)
Self portrait with a broad nose (1628 ) Ref:White+Boon 004,etching
Self portrait leaning forward (1628 ) Ref:White+Boon 005,etching, 43.00x39.00(mm)
Self portrati, leaning forward, listening (1628 ) Ref:White+Boon 009,etching, 67.00x54.00(mm)
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