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( b. Oct 25,1884 Barton-on-Humber,,United Kingdom - d. 1963 Victoria,BC,Canada )
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The Elevator (1915) Ref:AA001, MBL 1; Scott ET 1,etching
Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods (1915) Ref:AA002, MBL 2; Scott ET 2,etching
The Ferryman's Cottage, St. Charles (1915) Ref:AA003, MBL 3; Scott ET 3,etching
The Assiniboine from Main Street Bridge (1915) Ref:AA004, MBL 4; Scott ET 4,etching
Wooded Shoreline, Winnipeg River (1915) Ref:AA005, MBL 5; Scott ET 5,etching
The Monastery, St. Norbert (1915) Ref:AA006, MBL 6; Scott ET 6,etching
The River at Selkirk (1915) Ref:AA007, MBL 7; Scott ET 7,etching
The Wharf, Selkirk (1915) Ref:AA008, MBL 8; Scott ET 8,etching
The River at Winnipeg (1915) Ref:AA009, MBL 9; Scott ET 9,etching
Picking Waterlilies (1915) Ref:AA010, MBL 10; Scott ET 24,etching
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